Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MY Horrible Morning

I woke up this morning with a sore throat, actually my little punching bag thing in the back of my throat was swollen. I was drag ass didn't feel like coming into work as it is. I took my time had breakfast, bullshitted with my Hubby then off to work I went.
My mother needed my car to go to a doctors appointment so she was driving me to work, we turn down the street and it was almost in slow motion the way everything went down.
I look over to my left and see this beautiful pure white American Eskimo dog playing in the front yard with two men, the little guy is in a pounce stance, gets up, twirls and runs in a circle... he runs back to the men and repeats this, it's the cutest thing.
The last time he does this he runs off the sidewalk into the street at the same time this stupid bitch is speeding through the street. I see the car, I see the dog, they meet at the exact same time. I see blood flying and the dog go down. The stupid bitch picks up speed and hauls ass out of there. I screamed to my mom I couldn't see this, keep driving... I look back and the older man is just staring in disbelief that his dog is just laying there, my mom said "she didn't stop!" I said follow them!
We follow them, mind you they are speeding. We ending up seeing them turn in the Home Depot parking lot, I call 911 and tell them what happen and that we followed them into the parking lot, they take down my name and phone number. I see a man get out of the passenger side door smoking a cigarette and head into the store the woman is driving around the parking lot looking for a spot.
My phone rings, it's Animal Control. I repeat the story and then the man informs me that it is not against the law to hit & run an animal (domestic or wild) it is in fact the OWNERS fault for not having the dog on a leash, he told me the police were probably not going to come after all and I should just leave.
WTF!! Are you kidding me!!???
I get off my car take my camera take a picture of the blood stains on her car, her license plate and walk up to her window and take one of her. I walk around and bang on her window so she can open it. I see her take off her seat belt and she opened her door...I simply helped her out of her car with her clothes tightly scrunched in my hand and prop her up against the car besides us so I can see her at eye level apparently my voice gets pretty loud when I'm angry because people were coming in our direction, I let her down and kept yelling at her. All she said was "I don't know what to do" I said "You should have stopped your car and checked on the dog and his owner! Now go back and see what you can do, have some morals and respect you stupid piece of shit...I took all of your information down and called the Police already" she got on her cell phone and started yelling at who ever she was talking to, I didn't understand her she was speaking in Vietnamese.
As we were walking away people were staring at us and so my mom pointed at her and said "she's a hit & run driver!!" that made everyone stare at her in disgust and give her dirty looks. It made me feel better. After my mom dropped me off at work with swollen eyes from crying, she went back to the scene of the crime. Animal Control picked him up and took him away, apparently it was not the mans dog after all, he was just a friendly little guy that wanted to play. He did have a collar on, and the man said he was still trying to pick up his head when Animal Control got there.
My mom called the shelter and they said he's actually doing fine and his injuries my not be life threatening. I was so relieved because it looked so awful, I thought he was dead. He has four days to see if his owners claim him if not they will try and adopt him out, we will keep checking on him to make sure he's ok.


tera said...

From all of us who have witnessed such cold, callused actions, I say thank you. I would like to think I would have done the same. (If not worse, heh heh heh.)
Some days I really hate stupid people.

La Pixie said...

okay, I have never witnessed ANYTHING like that and I hope I never do. I have been the victim of a regular hit and run, and I can tell you that I know that is a bitch!

thanks for (hopefully) teaching that girl a lesson. she really needed it!

The Loss Adjuster said...

Gawd... Some people are so shitty. I guess running is easier than dealing with mistakes...

SheBloggs said...

Oh. My. God!

Now that is sooo scary! They should have stopped just out of compassion for the dog and you girl has some freakin cojones! I didn't know it wasn't against the law to hit & run on a animal? I think next time that woman just might take a quick sec and give a shit. You have a really good soul girl.

Anonymous said...

i would never.ever.ever. hit an animal and keep going. ever. you did a great thing. im so glad you did, even though im sure you were kinda scared and you could've gotten in trouble for "harrassing" that woman.

good on you bon don. if the dog could, he'd thank you.

Nickie. said...

I'm soo glad you did that!! I could have the gall to go up to a woman and scream like that..but maybe it knocked some sense into her.

I'm so glad the doggies fine..hopefully someone claims him. =)

brenda rowe said...
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brenda rowe said...

You are my hero, Bon Don. Seriously. You are AWESOME.

Desert Rat said...

UM, Are we related? Incredible.

I'm sorry you had such a tough morning and then I call for favors and hang up! My pay back will be my $2000 phone bill and you can believe it will be and not for fun calls.

I just had a lovely dinner with 6 gay designers and a very nice straight couple who own a very popular furniture store here and in Cabo. It was great! Love you.

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

OH SHIT. that totally sucks.

You're so ballsy I love it though

LiLu said...

AHHHHHHHHHH I HATE people sometimes!!! How could ANYONE do something that horrific??

I'm so glad you were there to at least bring them to moral justice in front of a crowd of Home Depot-ers. Argh!

Denise said...

How come I see folks on Judge Judy suing all the time over their pets if it's legal to hit and run? That's a ridiculous law. The PETA people should focus more on shit like that than how degrading an animal sports team mascot is!

Girl! I thought I was a badass! Even I don't go up to strangers (who could have a gun or knife in their car) and yell at them! Holy cow I wish I could have seen it. Amazing the strength we have when we are passionate about something.

Stories like that tear at my heartstrings... poor dog just breaks my heart. Hope he's doing well though and a loving family adopts him!

Kellie said...

I am now completely in love w/ you. I am SO happy that you had the balls to follow that lady AND give her a talking to that she'll never forget. What kind of heartless person could do such a thing? I am so glad that the dog is going to be ok. What a heart breaking story. But you my friend, you rock the cashba. said...

Good for you! I probably would have punched her.
That would have killed me to see that- I can't even watch spca commercials- I have to change the channel.

Anonymous said...

OMG! That's insane! I really think I would've killed that woman!

Good work with intimidating her!

Anonymous said...

You go girl! You did a good thing. Makes you wonder if she would have done the same thing if it were a person she hit. I'm glad the dog is ok. Hopefully they find it's owners or someone to adopt it.