Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I've been going through my older posts tonight, I
thought I'd share an oldie with you in case you haven't read this one...

Gotta Love Those Random Drug Tests
After my story yesterday about my little "outburst"
and this next story I'm about to tell you,
you may get a bad impression from me & my Hubby...
just try not to hold it against me.*giggle*

In our defense, we are not always so... umm...
what's the word I'm looking for? ... mean?
Ok we'll go with "mean", we are not mean people but honestly
sometimes people can just annoy you to a point of no return!

So my Hubby's job requires random drug tests like most companies do,
but because of his profession he is not even allowed to have alcohol in his
system even if he works the next day.

Yes, I know pretty strict, sometimes it sucks.

Anyway yesterday Hubby gets called in to the clinic to take a drug test,
which is totally fine because Hubby obviously hasn't been drinking
and definitely doesn't have any dope in his system.

Hubby arrives at the clinic and only see’s the janitor cleaning the lobby, the janitor tells Hubby that the little nurse man is probably out back smoking a cigarette and he’ll go and get him. Hubby’s not really in a hurry at this point but thanks the janitor and off he goes.

Little nurse man comes back inside reeking of smoke looking a little annoyed that he was disturbed during his smoke break and hands Hubby a cup to piss in and says
“fill it up to this line”

Hubby had just taken a break about 15 minutes before he was notified to take his drug test so he doesn’t really have to go at this point, but he tried anyway and got close enough to the “line” he was supposed to reach.

Well now little nurse man takes the cup and has to fill up two separate vials, he's pours the first one and spills. Little nurse man seemed to be irritated because this happened. Now he's attempting to fill the second one but he doesn't have enough "liquid" to fill it.
Had he not spilled the first one he could have totally filled the second one! So what does little nurse man do? He spilled out both vials and hands Hubby a new cup and says
"Do it again!"
Hubby's starting to get a little upset with little nurse man
and tells him a thing or two about his attitude
and how it was his fault for spilling the goods.
Now Hubby has to drink his weight in water and sit there for about an hour, when finally he's ready to go. He tells little nurse man he needs a cup and little nurse mans says,
"Now "YOU'RE" going to have to wait!" all snooty.
Really little nurse man?
You dare challenge Bon Don's Hubby!
Little nurse man finally gives Hubby the cup and tells him
not to turn on the water faucet to wash his hands until
after he brings the cup back to him.
So Hubby knows
he can't knock out little nurse man for being an asshole
of course Hubby has more sense than that to jeopardize his job,
but it wouldn't be right if little nurse man felt all
high & mighty for being a little punk right!?

Now what does Hubby do?

Well being awesome and vengeful like his dear wife (me) his pisses in the cup (to the line)
then proceeds to piss all over the outside of the cup all over his hand to the point where there is piss everywhere...

then walks over and places it right on little nurse man's desk
with a piss ring and piss dropping onto the desk.
Washes his hands and tells little nurse man to have a good night.

Yup that's my man!


BDC said...

That Dude pissed me off so bad!

He even had a napkin on the table to put the cup on top of... AND I purposely sat it down next to the napkin on the table for full droplet exposure

My trademark is the
"Golden Ring of Death"

Himbo said...

Hahaha... Eww... Hahaha... Eww...

Jeremy James said...

LOL. i don't know whether to laugh or grimace.

Thankfully, me me and the nurse-man; I don't have to go for any tests where I work :)

Jeremy James said...

*for me,
not me me

Denise said...

Wow someone got a kinda pissy with little nurse man. LMAO

Nickie. said...

Wow. Little nurse man has some issues for sure.

I like Hubbys revenge though. =)

repliderium.com said...

I heart you BDC.

Heather Rose said...

Drastic times call for drastic measures. :P

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

NICE!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Looks like little nurse man got a good dose of karma. lol

Michel said...

OMG that is AWESOME! Well played!

drollgirl said...

RIGHT FUCKING ON!!! you guys both have punisher genes, as do it. what a fucker nurse. so glad your man got him back. AHHAH AHAHAHAHA!!!!

The Loss Adjuster said...

And that is how you deal with douchebags, kids... one piss ring at a time!

LiLu said...

I wouldn't expect anything less! And I probably would have done worse...

Hanako66 said...


La Pixie said...

OMG, that is awesome. I would totally do that, too.

moral of the story: "never piss off someone who has to piss for you."

PorkStar said...

ROFLMAO!!!!!!! freaking AWESOME, just AWESOME!!!!! hahahaha

Desert Rat said...

HA HA drink his weight in water...like there is even that much water left in the world!