Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend Recap

Friday: So my weekend started off with a nice long drive to the country... Rivertuckey to be exact.

"Yua Sista" (my #1 blog commentator, besides Himbo) God-son "D" and my girls Cindyjo & Jo all drove out to hang out with Mz. Tapz and her tribe.
We listened to music very loud disturbing all of her neighbors, had Jack's and enforced child-slave labor on all the children in attendance! It was fun.

Saturday: We ran errands most of the day...shopped, loaded up at Bev Mo' ... had dinner at our favorite Chinese Restaurant and went to the movies to see The House Bunny and Pineapple Express (I'm notorious for always sneaking into other movies) They were both pretty funny! Great Night.

Sunday: We all headed out for breakfast, Hubby, Mom, Pops, my bro Sal, Sista E and all the chill-ren's.

After breakfast we headed to Costco for some shopping and then went home to sweat, like I always say..."I was sweating like a ... umm no I won't say that" but I did sweat because I helped clean our pool with Hubby.

For the grand finale of my weekend, I pretty much blew off my friends who I have missed and have been wanting to hang out with for my new addiction... "Guitar Hero" oh man I am a straight out hooked! It's like crack. (I assume)


MzTapz said...

Crack kills !!

Himbo said...

Lol you're funny.

By "I assume" you mean, "I recall", right. That's right.

Bon Don said...

Darla: Crack is Whack...

Himbo: Show me the receipts!

Yua sista said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you for cleaning the pool. I am trying to think of something brillant to say but I don't have anything but I would also like to thank you for the GREAT cupcakes! and for dinner, and the movies and for me almost getting arrested for sneaking into another movie and for breakfast and and and OH I know and for teaching me FINALLY how to play guitar hero - ALLEGEDLY