Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Adorable Blue

So yesterday, Sonia (from work) sent me a link to see her doggy Halo's pictures. When I went on the link it asked my to sign up my pet. So I signed up Blue (the most adorable brat ever) and it turns out to be this cute "Doggie Myspace"! It's called PetPop.

I love animals so much and there are some cuties on there!

Anyway Blue has about 30+ friends right now, it's so cute. So if you have a pet on there already add my baby, she'll totally make your friends list even cuter! http://www.petpop.com/15279PP/

1 comment:

Himbo said...

OMW look at what a cute puppy Blue was!

BTW, OMW = Oh My Word. I just made it up... don't hate.

[Static] Luxurious, out [static].