Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So as some of you may know, my daughter Jo is away right now in Boot Camp.

She's there on her own free will, not because she's a bad kid or anything. This is her last test to complete her goal and continue with the program she has been working at for quite a bit now.

Hubby and I are so proud and excited for her because this is definitely a big milestone in her life!

The house is definitely off balance right now...a little more quiet not in the literal sense just in the sense that we know someone is missing. Hubby is probably the most affected by this, because he's just not used to the kids being away from him for too long.

We haven't had any contact with her since she's been gone but I know as soon as we get to see her everything will be fine.

Miss you Jo!

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Joie's nina said...

I miss you JOIE and I am extremely PROUD of YOU! Love you, your NINA