Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Little Help Please?

I've got a big problem...

Okay, so last week was the finale of SYTYCD which also means the cool kids really have nothing to look forward to on Wednesday & Thursday nights now.

That was the day in the week to hang out with each other, laugh, drink yummy wine and snack on yummy food.

I was thinking maybe we can have a movie night now, maybe we can all take turns bringing a favorite movie or even having a movie theme night... something along the lines of food, drinks or clothes that pertain to the movie! We can do 80's movies... comedy's... etc. etc.

I don't know of any shows out there that could replace our beloved SYTYCD, Do you?

What do you suggest? Give me some ideas.


Himbo said...

I love your idea of a movie theme night. I need to get a nice huge flat screen and blue ray player so we can feel more luxurious! Ooh! And stock up on comfy blankets and pillows for those nights when we just want to crank up the AC (which is everyday), cuddle and watch tear jerkers. Imagine all 6 of us cuddling (AGAIN), allegedly. I also need to follow through on your idea of getting rid of my sofas and replacing them with a beds stacked with cushions, made to look like sofas.

Off topic but on a similar note, we need to go watch Pineapple Express! It looks really funny :P Let's go! Let's all take a field trip to the new movie theater at The Garden Walk. Maybe we'll get nice and toasty at Roy's or something, you know since we're already there.

Darla: When is Dancing with the D-List, on?

OMG! Today is the day I hear if... you know.

Bon Don said...

That's right today is the day...Boo you whore!

What's this about Dancing with the D-List!? Never heard of this before!!...

and Movie & Drinks at Roy's sounds so Fetch!

Oh please Himbo get beds instead of sofa's ... I will totally move in! Allegedly.

MzTapz said...

Ha-ha-ha...Dancing with the stars starts back up soon. I will keep you updated. Anyways, Im so up for movie theme night. I have so many favorite Angel ! hahahaah
We could all dress up like street walkers!!! I crack myself up sometimes !

Bon Don said...


Ummm Mz. Tapz, any excuse to dress up like a street walker is your idea of a good time!

Himbo said...

But I thought the idea was to dress up, differently?

MzTapz said...

You guys are being "Power Rangers" right now dang it!!! I dont have a come back for that one..Boo!

Himbo said...

Por qua?
Power Rangers?
Kay es Estow?
Pray Tell.

Himbo said...

So, Bon Don, none of these tricks came up with ideas for what to do on Thursday, huh? Except for Dar, she wants to watch a teeny bopper hood rat, walk the streets.

I dunno what to say about that...