Friday, January 9, 2009

Word of the Day. "Nepotism"

Show Spelled Pronunciation [nep-uh-tiz-uh m] –noun
patronage bestowed or favoritism shown on the basis of family relationship, as in business and politics

Bon Don showed nepotism when she linked her daughters new blog site on “Who Throws a Cupcake? Honestly!” for all her BBF's to check out.



For the record I was not the drunk one in Cabo, It was someone who shall remain nameless!

... but I will give you a hint, she practically lives in Cabo, she has a blog, and she likes "Runaway Trains", but those are the only hints I will give because I respect her privacy and I wouldn't rat her out.


Kellie said...

Sweet! Your daughter blogs? Rad! A new read!

Kellie said...

Did I really just say rad? I did. Wow.

ChiTown Girl said...

Sheesh, a trip to Cabo, a cruise AND getting to watch your mom act like a drunken fool?! All I got for MY 13th birthday was a cake with 13 stinkin' candles! That story was too funny.

I actually checked out your daughter's blog the other day, but didn't comment because it was still so new. I didn't know if 'strangers' reading her blog would scare her :)

Bon Don said...

Kellie: Yes, just a warning though... she's a little out there!

We always tell her NEVER to smoke pot (not because all parents should say that to their children anyway) but because we are just afraid of what else she might do!

Kellie: Yes, you did say rad!

that was pretty rad...

to. say. rad. *Stares off in another direction*

ChiTown Girl: It wasn't me I swear!

La Pixie said...

I visited her blog, too. I commented... I hope thats okay... or maybe its... rad? ha

Bon Don said...

La Pixie: It's totally Rad! :)

she texted me from school asking if she's gotten any comments yet! she's hooked.

Yua Sista said...

Thanks for not rat'ing out the real person or giving any clues as to who it might be - that's GREAT! Things are looking good here in Hong Kong the weather is great! Were you not on a train which ranaway going to Cabo last month? Did you ever confess to your husband all those shots, dancing and almost going home with a waiter? Good thing I was there to keep you safe and explain to your daughter the rights from wrongs! Beotch