Friday, January 9, 2009


My friends and I turn every word you can think of, dirty. We go out to lunch at Corner Bakery for a Panini Sandwich and let's just say all the jokes that come along with that phrase alone are never pretty!

Our reputation has gotten so bad one of our other friends was trying to tell me a story, but stopped mid sentence and reworded what she was saying because she knew we would turn it into something naughty.

One day out of the blue we were having lunch and Dula Dip looked up with this serious face and said "You guys, why are we such dirtbags?"

This whole time I just figured we were being silly all in good fun... until today. Himbo just validated her question.

Please see the email conversation below:

From: Dula Dip
Sent: Friday, January 09, 2009 12:57 PM
To: Bon Don; Reina Bee; Himbo; An-dee
Subject: My Love's!

Hahaha ya'll are working hehe! :)

See Bon Don told ya i was gonna sport my bling! I heart it!
I"m ready for round 2!
i cant wait to see everyone tomorrow!

Reina, yea you! dont 4get to wear yr big girl panties! lol

I love you guys! Muah*

She attached this picture of her last night to the email.

Reply Emails were as follows:
From Himbo: Hey! I recognize that facial expression!
Meaning this:

Bon Don: DIRTBAG!! ...Why are we such dirtbags?

Dula Dip: lol u took the words right outta my mouth! Himbo! quit putting my business out there!

Himbo: I just took one other thing right outta your mouth too. ;)

yes, D.I.R.T.B.A.G.S!
*now there's a wallpaper for you Matt!*


La Pixie said...

thats way funny, especially because as I was reading "you took the words outta my mouth" I totally laughed because I knew it was coming. LOL

Yua Sista said...

LOL you guys are too funny! Way to much fun and not enough work for sure!

Anonymous said...

I'm falling in love with you & your work're a hoot and a half!

Nickie. said...

Ha! Its ok I'm a big perv tooo! Baberz and I were at a rest the other nite and my meal came with a dessert and the waitress was like ohh yeah both your meals come with ice cream..and baberz said, you heard her, it comes with ice cream. And I said, oh yeah mine comes with a happy ending (no lie thats what its called!)..thought about it and quickly said sundae after! love your blog! =D

TishTash said...

Thanks for coming by! And I like to think that the ability to take anything to the gutter is a gift. Show me a person who can't go to a dimsum place without laughing at sesame balls, and i'll show you my soul mate.

Mary Moore said...

I thought you can't have a good time with your friends unless there's a lot of dirt flung around.

Lana said...

Hello. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
I too can easily see the "other side of things". But how can you blame people like us? sometimes others make it way too easy...

Bon Don said...

La Pixie: You would dirty birdy!

My Sista: We all work hard everyday, we just make it look easy!

JB: :)

Nickie: I luvs it! You lil dirtbag!

Tish Tash: Truly gifted!

MM: we can't until we fling it EVERYWHERE!

Lana: That's why I we are going to get along just fine!

Himbo said...

Lol! We are dirtbags. I can't believe I haven't been fired for sexual harassment yet. Well, I know why: everyone loves a little S.H. from Himbolicious.

Chunks of Reality said...

Ya'll are hilarious! I wish that I could have a few appletini's with ya'll. :) LOL

Mr. Sainz said...

You guys are too much!!! i love it... "Dirt Bags"....

Mr. Sainz said...


Matt said...

damnit where did my comment go?

I wrote a really funny one (or possibly creepy) about starting a Dula Dip internet fan club but YOUR BLOG decided to delete it.