Thursday, September 18, 2008

Updates: Sra. Fernandez and PT Bruiser

Sup, homies [sharp nod upward, in a very cholo-esque fashion]! Himbo here, relaying a message on behalf of Ms. Bon Don, to her public, she wants to let America know that she will be back tomorrow. You’re welcome. As for her Argentinean readers, Bon Don says, “Don’t cry for me, I never left you”, she sang this from her balcony.

The accident:
Here’s the skinny on the skinny, Tuesday morning, Bon Don’s mama, Mrs. (Vicente) Fernandez, was attacked at the intersection of Garbage Grove Boulevard and Nü Hope Street., by a rogue pickle. The pickle was in disguise as an old man driving a car. As Mrs. Fernandez legally drove through the intersection, the pickle allegedly ran a red light and drove into the PT Bruiser being driven by Mrs. Fernandez, on loan from her daughter, Ms. Don, Bon Don that is. Mrs. Fernandez was rushed to St. Joseph’s Hospital where she was treated for minor injuries, a few broken bones and a permanent loss of appetite for pickles. Hospital staff immediately ruled out Attention Whore-atitus… whew!

After the accident:
Tuesday, Bon Don and Mrs. Fernandez spent all day at the hospital. Wednesday morning Bon Don was busy with paperwork and phone calls, we met up at approx. 1:00pm and headed to the DMV because we both lost our id cards. Next stop, St. Joe’s to fetch Mrs. Fernandez’s x-rays, then we were required to stop at Starbucks because its tradition and you just can’t break tradition. At which point Bon Don proceeded to “accidentally” get all wired by “forgetting” to ask for decaf. After Starbucks, we swung by to pick up the
ninas, Cindyjo and Jojo, from school. Cindyjoe got a 4/5 in Espanol and Jojo did very well on a test, I know this because the school had a robotic lady call to let us know, [in a robotic automated voice recording] she said, “’”, [pause], “’”, [beep…]. We dropped the girls off at the casa and headed for Enterprise Car Rentals. From Enterprise we hit the grocery store, and last, but not least, BevMo for some nutritious health drinks, i.e. red wine, it’s good for you, there’s scientific studies to prove it.

El Coché:
Unfortunately, the Bruiser got pretty messed up and we’re not sure it’ll survive the accident but Bon Don will update you as details become available. Here’s a
before shot:
...Stay tuned for an
after shot.

Have fun at work tomorrow :P



yua sista said...

I'm so sad to hear about mom's accident! She's had it especially rough this past year, and what's more is she is such a great cautious driver!

on a happy note: Himbo you did a fab job posting on behalf of Bon Don but then again fabulous people always do fabulous things! :-)

Himbo said...

Aw... you're so sweet! I gave you a new nick name for my blog, you shall be referred to as "Desert Rat" from now on :) that's what people used to call us, palm springs folk.