Friday, September 5, 2008

Check It Out...

So I've been reading up on LBLUCA77 ...
Oh my goodness this girl is hilarious!
Her post about her biker gang was great! I'm so jealous because for who knows how long I've been wanting a Pink Beach Cruiser with a basket for Blue to ride in, how cool would that be!
You guys really need to check her out! Yesterday I sent her Holy Spirit link to Himbo and he laughed so hard he pee'd ... ok he didn't really pee but apparently he was pretty close!
lbluca you're my new best me every 5 minutes!

1 comment:

Himbo said...

True story, this girl is funny! All of her posts had me rollin. I almost fell over my chair when I saw the picture of her bike (called, Betty), soooo cute.