Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Packed My Angry Eyes

So yesterday I was over at Himbo's house trying to watch the VMA's because I didn't get to see it on Sunday. (and I'll have to say...this year was kind of low budget and it seemed like everyone was screwing up the teleprompter, it was lame) Anyway that's not part of the story...

So I get a phone call to come back home for such & such reason...I'm now furious. I haven't really had any time to just do what I want and chill out, and now my night was being cut short for a really stupid reason. I get home and I blow up!

And right now my voice is gone and sounds horrible and I can only imagine what I sounded like trying to yell. I calmed down and then just vented, I got a few things off my chest and I was done.

But oh man what a little Bi-Polar Bear I was last night! Poor Hubby has just been dealing with all my venting to him, but I think I'm done now. I think I'm good now, I might just need a drink.

* Thank you Sugar Booger for being my friend, I love you *


Himbo said...

You *were* angry when you left last night, you were ready to cut somebody. Glad you feel mo beta.

MzTapz said...

Oh No! I dont like the li bi polar bears...i have two in my family!