Friday, September 19, 2008

After shot of the PT Bruiser

As promised, here is an after shot of the Bruiser. Poor little bebe. His tire is all sidewinders. It looks like Dingy (Bon Don's other dog, think: Cinderella without the happy ending) with her crooked smile/grin, she always looks like she's growling at you. Chihuahuas are weird.

Es okay, sonly sicdee dawa to fic it.



Yua Sista the desert rat said...

You are so funny, it totally looks like Dingy!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! How sad, I'm gonna miss it. That poor little cripled PT Bruiser got me to and from work when I was a cripled bruiser a year ago on my crutches.

Oh, and it totally looks like Dingy! LOL!