Thursday, April 2, 2009

Calling All My BBF's!

So March 14th was my "One Year Blog-versary"
and yesterday was my "200th Post".

I wasn't going to make "a big deal" about either one
(because I already did for my 100th)
but my BFF Himbo said I should.
Any advice Himbo gives me whether
good or frightening I will usually humor.

So I got to thinking and figured "screw it, I WILL!" ...
So here I am making a big deal about me!

"Wow 200th ... Wooo... 1 year... Wooo, alright!"

Ok, I'm done making a big deal about me now.

But while I'm at it I would like to make a big deal about some of you, my BBF's

(I totally need to patent that by the way)

No, no don't try to stop me...

Stop being so modest.

Are you blushing? Aww how cute are you!?

I must say alot of you are pretty awesome!

I'll admit I have my favorites...
well everyone I follow is a favorite,
but there are a few of you that I feel like we could totally be
real life friends who "do lunch" or "go out for drinks"
or even "braid each other's hair"
just from reading your stories everyday.
(wow that was kind of creepy!)

The other day I cleaned up my blogroll and who I follow. There has been a few people who have "broken up with me" for dropping them but I felt like, if you are really one of my BBF's you would be more verbal or at least drop a few Hello's here & there, right?
If you were offended during my "blog cleansing" I am truly sorry,
if I somehow made a mistake let me know.
Now back to the point...
I have created a Blog Award for you my lovely BBF's (blogger best friends)
That's right just for you!
and guess what...
you don't have to come up with 30 random things about yourself,
or forward this to 57 people (unless of course you want to)
WAIT that might be fun!

A good old fashion link back to my blog will suffice
But don't get me wrong,
I won't mind if you brag about how awesome a BBF I am
and how you'd be lost with out me in blogworld
and how my eyes sparkle and how the sun ...
umm ok I went too far!

Ok so without any further adieu ...

The Cupcake Awards!

And I can't leave out the fellas! (you're welcome)

TADA! you likey!?

I love the interaction with everyone,
all your comments are like little presents to me (awww)
The first round of awards are going to everyone
who stops by and shows me some love on a regular basis!

The first lovely recipients of this award in alphabetical order, are as follows: Maegan -My fashionista

A View From 5280ft - My soon to be "Best Friend In-Law"

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beer Holder - My sweet & crazy rockstar!

ChiTown Girl - My cold weather soul-mate

DESTINATIONS: Where The F Is Ron? - My "worldly/awesome as heck" BBF

gabby, she wrote - My cupcake partner in matrimony

Holy Mackerel - My hilarious mommy-counter part

How Do You Get Back In The Game? - My beautiful New Zealand BBF

I Hate So Much - Miss Maxie/bad ass beotch

It's Unbeweavable! - My lovely

JaseDoesDALLAS - My newest BBF

Just James - My "other" newest BBF

LBluca77 - My funny as hell, biker chick from LB

Learn To Fly - My east coast daughter

Lipstick Diaries - My crazy BBF from Nor.Cal

Live Happy - My sunshine in seattle

Live it Love it - Miss Lilu /twisted & funny fellow dirtbag

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV - My loving "hair & glasses twin" in SD

Mad Madam Mim&Mimsy - My animal loving BBF

Mental Poo - My BBF Midget Man of Steel

Monkey Muck - My Vintage loving BBF

Musings from The Tundra - My renovation & OCD, funny BBF

My Hair is Luxurious! - My actual luxurious BFF & BBF

My Telephone Booth - My fabulous flip-hottie

Oranges Grow on Trees - My BBF from the start

Pixie Dusted - My lovely AZ BBF - My blog crush

Re-Ramblings - My favorite okie

Runaway Train - My sista & other, other half

Scandalous Housewife -My hot scandalous counter-parts

She Bloggs. - My real life BFF & beautiful friend

Sometimes I Feel Like A Blog.... - My girl Jillian... heart her

Tales from the Gutter - Miss Discotrash my rockstar

That Girl - My down ass homegirl

The Kids Did WHAT?! - My twisted/funny Lana

The Loss Adjuster lost his mind...- My awesome/would be real life bff

Through The Looking Glass... - My beautiful fashionista

Under The Sheets-Shhh - My sweet & fabulous BBF

what is this really - My... well she's mine, so it's automatic!

Who is Mich ? - My fun & beautiful BBF

White Collar Redneck - My funny cleveland steamer connection

Now go on and wear this tittle proud and feel free to spread the award around to your BBF's!

*By accepting this award, you are legally committed to comment regularly with funny, witty, inspirational and loving sentiments*


Stephanie said...

Aww. You're so funny and lovely. It's honestly a joy to read your blog, and you can count on me to comment as regularly as possible. You're one of the funnest people I've "met" here in Orange County. :) Amazing awards, by the way. :)

Jeremy James said...

Congratulations on your 200th. I have only been around for 30 or so, but I look forward to reading your blog for the next 200!

take care.

Himbo said...

Hey, I recognize those cupcakes anywhere! My cupcakes bring all the boys to the yard, cause they're like, better than yours...

Congrats btw! You're such a veterana now, you're gonna have to start wearing dark eyeliner around your lips and sport "loces". Orale!

Well... [ahem, ahem] I have prepared a little speech...

Elizabeth Marie said...

Congratulations my love! AND thank you soooooo much!

I love being your "lovely"!!

Thank you for your comment on my bummer blog...meant a lot :)

Jillian said...

awwwwwww i frickin love cupcakes and i love your blog lol...

you had me at "who throws a cupcake? honestly"...

congratulations on your 200th post and here is to 200 more!!

and i will take my award accepting duties very seriously! lol

Smileygirl said...

OH you so sweet! Thank you for not purging me of your blog reading. I haven't been keeping up with my blogs lately so I do feel quite honored to have made your list.

And now thanks to Himbo, I have the milkshake song in my head but I'm substituting cupcakes.

Congrats on your blogiversary too!!


The Loss Adjuster said...

Aw, you're making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and not that warm and fuzzy way that's all inappropriate and stuff. I'm talking about that warm and fuzzy feeling you get at the end of Monsters Inc. It's pretty good, akshually... kind of makes me want to curl up on the sofa with my cats and a cup of hot chocolate...

Jeremy James said...

I must say you've brightened up my day already. I really didnt see the award coming.

Thank you Kindly.

Maxie said...

I love it! And congrats on 200 :-)

Matt said...

Me likey! Me likey!

Thanks alot. Seriously. You're blog is tops. I feel like, in real life- we would definitely be going out for drinks all the time.

and I would be begging you to hook me up with Dula, everyday.

but seriously? I dont want my hair braided.

ChiTown Girl said...

Aw, I'm so touched!! Thanks. :) I know we would totally have a blast over some icy margaritas, dancing our behinds off. All you need to do is get up here to ChiTown, cuz it's WAY too hot for me to come there, Sista! ;-)

Kellie said...

Yay! My Bon Don, you rock my world. This seriously just made my day! I am honored! And I LOVE the awards! (And the pic of you! LOL!)

Happy Friday my BBF! (I can still use that even though you are patenting it right?) :)

Mich said...

Awwww BonDon!!!! (yes i am totally blushing!!)that is the sweetest thing ever! not only is it an award but its one that YOU created!

your blog is awesome! Congrats on 200 baby!!

SWEAR! anytime that you are here in my cold (but fabulous) city we are sooooo going out for drinky-poos!

and if i ever make it to your city (which i should cuz its way warmer!) than we are doing it up big and going out for those pop-rocks-margarita-thingys!

Luv ya~!!

LBluca77 said...

Thank you! Thank you! I don't think one can ever stop enjoying getting awards.

Congrats on getting thru the first blog year. They say it is the hardest year. Actually no one says that, I made it up. Congrats on the 200th post too.

I know I so need to update my blog roll. But I am lazy sometimes. This weekend I should get on it though.

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

Your down ass homegirl here... Dropping in to say thanks! You're super sweet!

Did you make your own certificate? It's fabulous! Did you use photoshop or illustrator? What program? LOL

Thanks for all your sweet comments and advice your blog cracks me up & makes my day! :)

moooooog35 said...

You're gonna braid my hair?

I thought only my uncle could do that...late at night in his basement.

Secrets are for telling.

Perhaps I've said too much. said...

(Right now I'm kicking the dirt in front of me doing the blushing "aw shucks kinda shy routine, but I'm slyly stickin' my boobs out a little bit too.)
I heart Bon Don AKA( Lola Gold's Auntie)

ReRe said...

thank you! this is the prettiest award!!!

Hanako66 said...

awwwwww BD, thanks so much and congratulations on 200/1 year!

your little altered photo just made a little bit of my morning coca cola come out my nose.

PRMs all around!!

Lana said...

WAHOO!!! I'm twisted!!
Love the award. so purdy. Thank you!
Congrats on 200 posts. and your blogaversary! My 200th post was on Wednesday i think. and i forgot all about it. Oops.

Narm said...

We should get an apartment together.

I am adding you to the blogroll as we speak! Or type. Or really I guess you would be reading, not typing. Anyways - you are there.

JaseDoesDALLAS said...

Wow, thanks very much! This blog is so new, I'm surprised (very pleasantly)!

Keep reading.


SheBloggs said...


That was so sweet (literally) of you!!!<333333

You are my real life BBF as well, and if it wasn't for your O SO crazy real life blogs to get me through than I'd probably would of died of boredom by now! Congrats on your super postin' ass!

Love ya doll!

LiLu said...

"twisted & funny fellow dirtbag"

I've honestly never been so proud! It is just too damn perfect... Thank you for my Tittle!!!


Emz said...

Oh that is so cute!! Congrats on the 200th award. If people don't like you taking them off your blog roll, that's really their problem. I mean, this might offend people, but so be it!

Nickie. said...

aww thanks so much for the award. and i def. will rep that im your east coast daughter!! lovee you BBF!!

Ron said...

Bon Don you are sooo awesome! Thank you so much! And I love how you have two seperate banners for the ladies and the doods. I shall write a post about this on my blog in the next few days!

Love you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

awww thank you. :) im very flattered!

TishTash said...

Thanks for the props! This is so much better than a friendship bracelets because I hate when friendships are contingent on my ability to thread beads.

TishTash said...

And that comment would have been boss if I hadn't written "a friendship bracelets."

brenda rowe said...

Aww....shucks! Here I am all new to the blogiverse and now I feel so special! (no, not short bus special, but special special...) Thanks!

Gabby said...

Congrats on 200! You're awesome, and I'm so glad I've met you in blog-land AND real life too!

Pretty Lush said...

Why do the boys get the sexy one?!

Retired But Tryin! said...

You are so awesome Bon Don! I think you would be an awesome influence in person haha

Desert Rat said...

Hey sister, Love you lots. I'm back and I PROMISE on a stack of bibles I will NEVER do that to you again! Done done done.