Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yummy Food & Fun Chilaxin'

So last night I hung out with Himbo, we did a little shopping and then stopped and picked up some yummy yummy Thai Food!

*Pineapple Fried Rice, Chow Mien Noodles, Kung Pao Spicy Beef, Spring Rolls & Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango...I'm a fan, love the Pina-Rice!*

After stuffing ourselves full of Thai goodness we hit the Jacuzzi, were I met Bob & Lynn (Himbo's neighbors) ... Bob & Lynn are special people. We both sat there for about 2 hours humoring them when they gave us "hot tips" on where to go for drinks, such as a real expensive high class bar at the Hyatt, where they would charge us about $8 for a Bloody Mary and a Strawberry Daiquiri, BUT if we mentioned their name to the bartender he might give us a discount you know!
Poor Bob & Lynn, they had no idea of the two snobs they were talking too who were simply nodding their heads agreeing with everything they said, all the while thinking of Boursin Cheese & Crackers and that bottle of Wine from Argentina waiting for them back inside!

... after hearing enough of how Bob is not afraid of "them gangs" out here in California, but of "them terrorists" who can blow up (as he said) the entire complex we were in last night with a empty tube of toothpaste filled with gun powder. You know, like the one he made before for military purposes... (which I'm sure was not a figment of his imagination!) We retreated back inside to finish watching Will & Grace...(I love Jack) and after watching a few fabulous episodes and deciding that Himbo absolutely needs a Cher doll like Jack, we will totally take Himbo's Cher Doll and my James Dean Doll to dinner with us too!

As Jack would say:
"You're my new best friend.
Call me every five minutes."

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Yua Sista said...

OK since I am living in the South I totally heard Bob's voice with a total southern twang SERIOUSLY! You should tell him...."U best watch ya mouth while U able" It's my most favorite new saying...great to say to kids when they back talk you! Love you lots...more than anyone in the world for SURE...well mom would fight me on that one, but Yeah!