Wednesday, March 26, 2008

*15 Minutes of Fame*

So yesterday I was contemplating a few blog topics for future posts, so I asked the girls if they had any ideas or suggestions for me. Well they both agreed any post with them in it, is of course their favorite. (shocker)

So I retreated to my room to watch my HGTV shows, unwind and relax before I had to make dinner, when my youngest, let's just call her "CD" (Conceited Daughter) came into my room and we had a conversation that went something like this:

CD: Mommy, I think you should do a full story on ME! *smiling*

Me: Oh yeah? What should I write about you? *inquisitive look on face*

CD: I don't know? Anything! *smiling*

Me: ... *blinking & staring*

CD: *giggling* What mommy? *laughing*

Me: ...

CD: *laughing*

Me: So it doesn't matter what I write, you just want me to write about you?

CD: Yes! *smiling*

Me: Ok.

CD: Ok!!! *excited, turns and walks out, closes the door*

About 15 seconds later...

CD: And you could put up a picture of me too! *smiling, closes the door*


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Yua Sista said...

Hey, I asked you to write about me first! Like I said...Hey you don't talk much of your extended family do you have any brothers or say beautiful sisters!?! Really really drop dead beautiful with a perfectly rounded butt? Just curious to know more about the rest of your family? Or your wonderful, perfect, darling, sweat, generous, adorable sister..that is of course if you have one. (if you do is she related to CD?;-))