Monday, March 24, 2008

Quality Time

So I had a 3-day was nice. Didn't really do much of anything in particular, I took it easy, didn't make plans with anyone, enjoyed hanging out with the girls, and even got in some quality time with my Momma. Here's a complete run-down of my entire weekend...

My Hubby's BFF came into town, so he went out and played with the boys all day & night. Meanwhile back at the zoo me & my girls went on a Barbie mission to Brea. Yes to Brea, since I can't go on Ebay during work hours Craig's List is my new best friend and that's why we went all the way out there to buy Barbies! (Nut-ting Tu Do) on the way home we spotted El Torito and realized we wanted Fajitas and Deep Fried Ice Cream, so we loaded up my Momma and started our girls night out!

After we ate ourselves into a food induced coma we attempted to walk it off at The Block, which was a bad idea because I went to visit James (who's James you ask?) Well he's a Barbie of James Dean that I fell in love with and feel to guilty to spend $100 to bring him home...I had to leave him once more, I was sad.

Anyway we went to Borders and loaded up on some new reading material, the girls got a few books and my Momma even got a few Silvia Brown books! I'm reading The Wonder Spot by Mellisa Banks, so far I'm a fan. After dinner and shopping we went home watched some MTV America's Best Dance Crew (GO JABBAWOCKEEZ) then realized we just didn't want to be stuck at home!

FRESH & EASY here we come...I love that store, they carry my Boursin Cheese Spread you know! After loading up on Organic White Cheddar Rice Puffs, Cheese & Crackers other Groceries and the infamous Creamsicles we commenced to cruising, we drove for 3 hours straight from one end of the city to another with no particular destination in mind we just felt like opening up the sun roof rolling down the windows and singing every song on our CD's that were playing, inhaling the Creamsicles we just bought at F&E so they wouldn't melt, while our hair blew in the wind... it was peaceful regardless of the music blaring,... all was right with the world.

Me & The Girls got ditched again, Hubby ran off to go shooting and arrange a tattoo session... the only thing we're bitter about is the shooting part. I heart shooting and so do the girls. We used to go the the range quite a bit, Hubby has a 44.(mini hand cannon) and I have a ... Did I mention that I love shooting?

Anyway, even though we didn't get out of the house at all we still had a good time, the girls were bitten by the spring cleaning bug so I just relaxed in their room while they cleaned and's nice to see them picking up my sarcastic sense of humor and neurotic cleaning obsessions (except for my room *wink*) by the time we realized it was already 8pm and Hubby was homeward bound he picked us up and we went for a late-night food session at In & Out AND Wendy's for those sweet sweet Frosty Milk Shakes, Hubby said how fat do we seem right now, driving all over just for a food fix?!

Sunday (Easter Sunday):
To honor our holy day, (you know, the day the Easter Bunny layed chocolate eggs and resurrected our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ) we watched Alias all afternoon, I napped, cleaned some of my Barbie stuff, had my Pecan Cluster Blizzard that I've been craving all week long, and smelled the wonderful smell of BBQ!

Let me tell you, all our neighbors were going to town on those of course not to be out done we put our meat on the grill! (hehehe I said meat) it was delicious!

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AC said...

I would have wanted to be there for the girls night out - it sounded like fun, woulda been funner with Himbolicious there!!