Monday, February 9, 2009

Where's Himbo?

Not quite.
See my BFF Himbo has been MIA lately,
and I have gotten numerous emails and comments asking
where he has been and why he hasn't been posting.

So now I'm here to set the record straight...

I have checked Himbo into The Betty Ford Center regarding drugs, alcohol and sexual addiction.

That's right... if he wants to continue our friendship he needs to learn all about theses addictions and how to do them right! I figure, let's leave it to the pros to show him the ropes and how to hang with Bon Don right!?

...ok I'm kidding, he hasn't been learning the ropes at "Betty Ford" BUT Himbo has been bunking over at Casa de Bon Don,
same difference really.
See Himbo was forced to flee his homeland (aka Anaheim, CA) due to some unforeseen issues regarding his luxurious abode.
Renovation... Redecoration etc.
He has been doing a lot of this lately.
Although I'm convinced Himbo has developed Narcolepsy while staying over my house, things are going quite well. He swears it's the over feeding him and the comfortable couches.
When we get home from work we have dinner, hang out watch TV, watch movies, go shopping, stay up talking all night, braid each others hair and paint each other's toenails!
My Hubby loves that I'm not bothering him,
he's thinking of hiring Himbo as a full time wife-sitter.
So all of you concerned for Himbo, rest easy... he's fine.
He hasn't had time to blog because he's been super busy at work with the new workload and fancy promotion and when we get home he's too busy being spoiled to write, and when I say spoiled I mean ...
as he changes into his "pajamas with the attached feet" his bed is made, and 2 feet of Down Feather Bed is being fluffed, a glass of ice water poured and placed on the stand next to the remote and his blanket comes out hot from the dryer ...SPOILED!


Himbo said...

LMAO! Mmmmkay!

Elizabeth Marie said...

"With the attached feet" hahaha!
Glad all is well...I've heard of this himbo from Gabby but since I've joined he's been so quiet...I'm glad it's not me. ha

ChiTown Girl said...

Well, thank God! Now I'll be able to finally get some sleep! ;-)

Jo ShMo !!! said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! its so true, if you guys think BoN DoN is kidding about the pajamas with the feet, she's not..LOL they're SO cute..

TishTash said...

Chez Bon Don sounds like a magical, magical place.

LBluca77 said...

I was just over at his blog and thought hhmm he has not posted in some time, where he be? But I am glad he is safe and sound with you.

ReRe said...

i just want to point out that you've hit lucky number "69" followers :)

Elizabeth Marie said...

Not anymore! I am lucky #70. MAJOR oversight on my part pumpkin...I thought I followed you days ago, I'm an asshole.

I giggled when I saw you had 69 though. I'm a childish asshole.

I want to come cook with you guys!

Desert Rat said...

awe Himbo's so lucky, you guys are probably eating cupcakes and ice cream too! You can have my bed while I am not there but remember when the dogs come near just say "get out of here evil dogs from hell" They'll think it's me and leave you alone.

Baxter said...

I honestly figured he'd been arrested for some altercation with a drag queen on his bday :P

Reggie Magz said...

Haha, that's funny. I'm sure if I was in his position, I'd probably do the same. said...

Can I come stay at your place?

Kellie said...

Um can I move in w/ you too?