Thursday, February 12, 2009

Picture Tagged

I was tagged by the lovely Stephanie at Oranges Grow on Trees. Stephanie was my very first BBF (blogger best friend) from way back when I first started blogging, she dropped out of sight for a few months but now she's back! Yay!

Here are the rules:

1) Go to the 4th folder in my computer where you store your pictures.
2) Pick the 4th picture in that folder.
3) Explain the picture.
4) Tag 4 people to do the same.
So, the 4th picture in my photo folder is ...
I'm so glad we have to explain each picture, because this one looks a little strange. Strange like... "Hey Bon Don, why do you have a picture of a poor defenseless farm animal strapped down by two people holding some sort of objects in their hand... are you some kind of weirdo?"
For the record, I'm really not a weirdo... well at least not about farm animals.
This is a picture from the Zoo. In my profile I've mentioned that I collect God-children, Hubby and I are God-Parents to Special Girl Chris she's 19 and five boys! Age's 17, 12, 11, 6, 2... Oh and we can't forget our honorary God-daughter since her brothers are our G-kids she kind of adopted us too, she's 7!
Anywoo, since we are the coolest G-parents in the world, we have G-kids and nieces & nephews coming to visit us on weekends & summer vacations.
We decided to invest in a Zoo membership, so needless to say I go to the Zoo at least twice a month. This time I came across this little guy being shaved by the Zoo keepers. I couldn't resist taking this picture, it looked kind of funny to me. (I can be immature sometimes)
*Side Note*: I can just imagine my comments from all of you had this been a "Wordless Wednesday" post, because you guys are hilarious and some might even say smart asses!


LBluca77 said...

Now I want a zoo membership. There ca,t be anything better than getting to go to the zoo the see my favorite, monkeys. I don't like when they throw poo though.

And you know where this comment is coming from. Yep straight from the can

Hippo_Lee_toe said...

this is great!!

&& I live super close to where you live in Riverside!
Actually my ex boyfriend lives out there! lol
Small world

Bon Don said...

LBL: Yay, I got my straight from the can comment! sounds like you've encounterd some angry monkeys!

HippoLeeToe: Gotta love Rivertuckey! I.E.!!

PorkStar said...

I don't haz no pics in my comp folder... boo hoo

SheBloggs said...

HAHA... yes I did see this after reading the rules and was like wtf? LOL .. Your aweosme God parents, thats really cool of you guys to shower the love like that! <3

Elizabeth Marie said...

This "tag" would scare the shit out of me. Lord knows what my picture would be of.


And umm...yeah lucky #70 is not feeling the love! xo said...

Bad day at the salon?

Gabby said...

Only you.


Bon Don said...

PStar: No prob.

She Bloggs: haha yeah the picture would scare me too! we try :)

EM: I wouldn't doubt it'd probably be illegal too!

Rep: lol seriously!

Gabster: You know it doll!!

XoXo, Punchy said...

LMAO! THAT was great!

Enjoy your weekend beautiful girl!

Kellie said...

That is quite possibly one of the strangest things I've ever seen. What the heck do they have that thing laying on? Weird.

But it definitely gave me a good chuckle. Only you would have this picture come up. :)

LiLu said...

That picture is HILARIOUS. The zoo is one of my favorite things to do- I love having the Roger Williams within walking distance!

Himbo said...

Is the lady in the picture hissing?

Sunny said...

I thouпре the guys were anшmal killers :)