Monday, May 12, 2008

Well Hello There Stranger!

Sheez, I don't know where to begin... it's feels like I haven't been here in forever!

Let's see? Well in my last post I was excited about my pool being ready for some summer fun...and IT WAS! That weekend (the last weekend in April)

Has it really been that long? wow. Anyway

Carrying on... we had a blast! I made yummy salads & sides while Mr. Hubby BBQ'ed his little heart out. The regulars were there and a few newbies, The Taps Family, Himbo, Reina Bee, Sweet Sarah (she's very sweet) "Special Chris" Lot's of kids including my daughter's friend & her mom she was very nice we'll call her Rosie Rose.

Oh and don't forget the guest of honor... Mr. Alcohol he's always fun to invite a get-together...we all enjoyed him all day as a matter of a fact we enjoyed him till 3 in the morning...then we passed out. Needless to say the next day we took it easy and lounged around all day with the Taps family watching CSI re-runs and eating bigsticks.
The last few weeks have been a blur we've been doing so many little fun things, shopping, eating out, going out, hanging out...more on those things later, but it's nice to be back.


Darla said...

Who's Mr. Alcohol ? I dont remember...

Bon Don said...

Aww you're so cute Dar! Mr. Alcohol was really "Alcohol" remember we were drinking all day...well maybe not you but us "lushes" were!

Darla said...

Thats so funny! I really must be blonde ! my

SHEILA MAE said...
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Yua Sista said...

I miss my compa, your Mr. Hubby...he is the bestest you better be nice to him! if you have anything to say I will tell you "no, no, not my compa". Darla...DUDE....BIMBO! HELLO and have you rap music listening people every heard the country song "alcohol". "it can make white people dance"!