Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Update

After work we (Hubby & Kids) headed out to dinner for some yummy Chinese Food, my mom and brother meet up with us at the restaurant. After dinner we ditched the kids and left them with my would think we would have taken advantage and went out for a night on the town but Noooooo we went to Home Depot. Yes, Home Depot. Apparently we needed new tools. Since we were there we also picked up a new shower head and paint samples I want to paint our bedroom something like this...

Or like this

On the way home Hubby realized he seen a carnival on his way home and wanted to make a pit stop and play some games, when we got there the parking lot was full and there wasn't any parking so we gave up and went home. When we got home we attempted to relax and watch T.V. for a few hours but we got bored, we felt like tweaker shopping so we called Himbo a.k.a "Mr. Luxurious" (he's always awake) and went to the 24 hour Walmart in Orange...the only problem with tweaker shopping is all the aisles are blocked with pallets and boxes...booooo Walmart. Anyway after working up an appetite at Walmart (belive me it doesn't take much to do that) we headed over to Denny's for some tweaker breakfast, 1:30am to be exact. I had yummy french toast.

Woke up early, took my time getting dressed, and waited for my brother in-law and his wife to come over...they just moved back to California from Utah (St. George) so we were excited to see them and hang out. We went out for brunch and then headed to the Angels vs. Dodgers usual we walked through the parking lot and ran into Hubby's friends who are ALWAYS tailgating & drinking, we stopped had some beer and traded insults and jokes and continued on our merry little way.

It was a good game, Dodgers beat the Angels...I say good because Hubby loves the Dodgers, the Angels are his second favorite team where I'm opposite, Angels are my number one. Usually Angels always beat the Dodgers when we come to Anaheim and I feel bad for Hubby. So this time his team won so I was happy for him. A few of my friends were at the game on Saturday my favorite part was when "Dula Dip" found me and was so excited that she stood in front of about 200 people and did a little booty dance cause she found me! It was so funny she was sauced (as you should be during baseball games!) after the game we went back home and immediately got in the pool! My cousin Mz. Taps and her family were already there, we ended up having lot's of yummy food and swimming for the rest of the night! Himbo & Chris showed up later. Hubby was having one of his tattoo's touched up by Mr. Taps (he's a tattoo artist) so we didn't go to sleep till 7:00am.

After falling asleep at 7:00am we woke up at 10:00am to a loud crying commotion...apparently "Monster" my newest God-son was terrorizing the other kids and made Parsley (my niece her name is really Presley) cry. It's ok through because he's only "1" so it wasn't too bad. We all headed out for some brunch then went back to my house and jump right back into the pool...I swam all day, I'm really dark now... after every one left (wow. we had 8 house guest and only 1 wasn't with the Taps family! LOL Dar!) we grabbed a burger and went grocery shopping. When we got home we passed out! All in all I had a horribly hot but wonderful weekend!

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yua sista said...

Hey it was always popping up from April so I had no idea you have been posting ANYWAY - if you painted your room the second one it would look EXACTLY like the same color of our room here in GA.