Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bratty Kid

So the other day I had a really chaotic mission, I had to leave work early to take my daughter Jo to a "mandatory meeting" that required her to be there before 4:30pm and it was 4:00pm when I was finally able to leave work...the problem was we had to go shopping right before (yes at the last minute) because she need a certain outfit to wear (specific belt, shoes, shirts etc. etc.)

So to make a really stressful long story short, we pull it all together and actually got her there dressed and on time with 5 minutes to spear without speeding! I know, I'm amazing right!? :)

On my way home I needed to reward myself with a little break... off to Dairy Queen I went (Pecan Cluster Blizzard)

So I'm sitting in DQ enjoying my blizzard and this family of four (Dad, Mom, Teenage Daughter and Pre-teen Daughter) comes in, kind of trashy looking, loud with oily hair... The youngest daughter (about 11 years old) comes in skating around on her Heely's, Dad's trying to place the order and the girl is just rolling around the entire place, Dad keeps telling the girl to quit skating around and the girl keeps telling him "No and shut up" AND now she's acting like she's mad at him for telling her to behave!

I'm thinking, oh hell no...this girl is too darn old to be acting this way! I would have lost my patience's with her a long time ago!

So she continues to spin around and skate through other customers. Finally her wheel gets caught in the grout between the tiles and she falls right on her butt!

So I laughed out loud staring right at her, I mean really making it a point to make fun of her and I kept laughing too! It sounded like... "Ahh ha ha ha" She turned around and looked at me and so did the Dad like, "I can't believe you're laughing?" So the Dad tells her "I told you to stop skating now go sit down!" ... I'm still giggling at this point.

The girl is now sitting far away from her family with her arms folded across her chest with a red face pissed off at her Dad (and probably me too) and I'm sitting there thinking how the hell can you let your kid act this way in public? Ugh. Oh well.

and yes I know I shouldn't have laughed at her but I wasn't laughing because someone fell, I laughed because she was being bratty and I wanted to embarrass her, not that that is any better of course! Wouldn't you have laughed?

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Stephanie said...

I would have laughed at her too. She sounds like a little jerk. :)