Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rusty Dusty

Checking out the blog world today, trying to get my feet wet again. Hope everyone is doing great

Monday, October 5, 2009

Just felt like sharing

"I'm On It!"
Music to my ears...or eyes!
I have awesome friends.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Catch You Later Hims...

So a few things have change significantly around Bon Dons world. One of the changes has to do with one of my best girlfriends...Himbo.

Most of you know Himbo is "luxurious" and he just loves LA, everything from old Hollywood to West Hollywood is just his thing. The love he has for this unique city had lit a fire under his well exfoliated booty and prompted him to find a new place and job.

I guess Himbo has been held behind

for too long and needed to venture out to the big city in search for some more refined, sophisticated, cultured lady friends like these ones....

We are all so happy for our luxurious friend but of course we will miss him. I especially will miss that Hubby & I would call him at 4am and ask him to have breakfast with us because we were bored and hungry and he would pretend he was fully awake and then be ready to go!

Even though I would bitch him out for being a pain in the ass carpool buddy, I'll miss him making fun of Reina Bee at lunch. I think my mom is even worse off then me because now she will not be able to sneak in those fabulous cups of coffee he would make her.

I know it seems like he has moved out of state the way I'm talking but it was just so convenient to visit him because he lived right down the street from me and we also worked together so he was always within reach (literally) and now it will only be once in a while we'll get to hang out until he gets fully situated in his new surroundings.

On the bright side of things when we do visit the luxurious one you all will benefit from our LA hijinks and stories right!?